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Let's get your kids eating more variety!

(without a fight)



Grow A Healthy Eater

An online program for parents who want their kids to try new things, enjoy a wider variety of nutritious food, and develop into healthy eaters.

Let's get your kids eating more variety!

(without a fight)



Grow A Healthy Eater

An online program for parents who want their kids to try new things, enjoy a wider variety of nutritious food, and develop into healthy eaters.

Are you struggling with:

  • A child that refuses to try new things?

  • Your child's weight or size?

  • Negotiating with, bribing or prompting your kid to eat the foods on their plate.

  • Spending extra time cooking a separate meal, just to get them to eat something?

  • A kid that only wants to eat the same 4 -5 things on repeat?

  • General overwhelm when it comes to making meals and snacks?

If you are feeling stressed about…

  • How much they eat

  • Coming up with new meal ideas

  • Not getting the nutrition they need

  • Your kids having bad eating habits for the rest of their lives

  • OR feeling like you are failing because you can't seem to turn things around


Imagine When...

  • They actually start trying new foods!

  • You make a meal and your child comes to the table happily, without a protest.

  • You can enjoy family meals together without arguments or coaxing them to eat.

  • Making two (or more) meals for your kids every night is a thing of the past.

  • You know your kids are getting the nutrients they need for growth and development

  • You are no longer worried about their eating habits

  • You don't have to stress about what to make at mealtimes!

This is the difference between

Where you are now

  • struggling at mealtimes, straining the relationship between your child and the food they eat, and burning yourself (and your family out!)

And where you will be

  • enjoying mealtimes with a child who comes to the table, without a fight, AND the confidence you need to help them learn to like new foods. 
The grow a healthy eater


Transform how you feed your kids as you go through my four-step process to growing a healthy eater. Each phase takes you through a key aspect of nourishing your child's mind, body, and relationship with food so you can finally feel confident in your feeding plan.


In this phase, we will talk about their growth and how to identify if they are on track for their age. We will also talk about where your child is developmentally. Their development (how they think, feel, act, etc.) greatly impacts how they view food, which in turn impacts how they eat and their nutrition. When you can get a handle on how to help your kids where they are it will make things easier as you move forward. 

  • Know how your child's age/development affects how they eat

  • Learn how to assess their growth patterns

  • Understand how to identify potential red flags in growth

GHE Module Covers
GHE Module Covers


In this phase, we focus on how they feel at mealtimes. Are they coming to the table happy and willing to eat? Are they feeling free to make choices and have a say in their meals? Do they feel pressure to eat, try things, or take bites they are not ready to take yet? All of these things are part of the food environment and ultimately impact how they eat.

  • Understand your feeding style and how it impacts your child's eating

  • Learn how to create positive mealtimes that support autonomy

  • Set up a meal and snack routine that supports your child's growth and appetite

  • Learn how family/family-style meals can improve eating patterns


In this phase we are going to talk about the meal components, building a balanced plate, how to get your kids comfortable with new foods on their plate, and the key nutrients they need to support their growth. We will focus on creating balanced meals and snacks and planning them appropriately. 

  • Understand your kids key nutrient needs and how to get them through food

  • Learn how to prepare balanced meals that your kids will eat so you can make 1 meal for the whole family

  • Learn how to pair foods at meals to improve intake and help your kids come to the table without an arguement

  • Learn ways to boost the nutrition in foods you are serving to maximize each bite

  • Manage sweets like a pro so they can eat the foods they love but stop obsessing over them

GHE Module Covers
GHE Module Covers


This phase is like the bow on top of the package, it's what really makes things shine. We will be getting your kids involved and hands-on with their food. Here you will be creating lots of opportunities to experiment with new foods in non-pressure ways creating the space they need to accept new things at their own pace. 

  • Learn how the senses impact your kids intake and how to involve them at meals

  • Understand repeat exposure and ways to do it in your home

  • Make food play a focus and learn ways you can do it at home


I like to provide a lot of support to my clients so each of the four phases can be as successful as possible. When you join the program you will also have access to a few bonus items. 

  • A Google doc packed with recipe ideas to support trying new foods

  • A copy of Super Simple Lunchboxes, my lunch-packing guide using my balanced meals framework

  • Access to booking 1:1 calls with me if needed (additional cost) at a members only rate

GHE Module Covers

Watch your kids go from

Fussy to Flourishing

as they learn to try (and eat) new food.

Even if:

  • you feel like you have tried it all

  • you follow lots of people on social media

  • you have implemented tips and tricks and they don't work

  • you feel like your kid is different

  • you're a busy mom or dad

  • you work fulltime


Girl mom x 3

Working with Jessica has been a game-changer for my family. She is a true professional. She helped give me the tools to structure my family's eating habits in a way that has made our lives more harmonious. By implementing a schedule to our eating and also changing the way we serve our food at meal and snack times, we've been able to steer our children to more variety in their eating, less arguments about food and most importantly for us, less grazing throughout the day. While we are not even close to perfect, it's been helpful knowing I have access to Jessica for all of my questions. We have learned so much and have her to thank!


Boy mom x 2

Working with Jess has been incredibly helpful with my two boys. One is a decent eater, but the other was incredibly picky. He has gone from eating nothing for dinner to eating and sometimes even asking for more! It's an ever-evolving process but I'm so thankful I have the tools I need to keep going. 


Toddler mama

I am so thankful for Jessica\'s help and guidance for my 15. month old daughter. After working with her, she started turning a corner so quickly and I know it was all because of the support she provided. My daughter is still a bit of a picky eater, but is eating so much better! I have changed the way I think about food and present food to my daughter and it has been so amazing! She has now outgrown her food allergies and I am so appreciative of everything. I look forward to applying what you have taught us and enjoying some new foods with less restriction!

Hi, I'm Jess!

I'm a pediatric dietitian with over a decade of experience working with parents and their kids. But, I'm also a mom of two, so I know how busy, stressful and overwhelming life and mealtimes can be. I've experienced the dinnertime meltdowns, the "no" I don't want that's, the whining for cookies, a bar, cereal, you name it. But, I also know what life looks like to not let those behaviors run the show.

I've created this program to be a simple, practical and cost-effective way for you to get expert advice and help for your kids. Especially when you don't have a ton of time! I know there is a lot of noise online and it is hard to find reliable sources. That is why giving parents access to the right information (that actually works) is so important to me. I know you will see your kids and mealtimes transform in front of your eyes as you work through this program. I can't wait to see you inside!


A common place where your questions are answered.

Raising a healthy eater is so much more than just the foods you serve them. A child goes through many developmental changes and knowing how to navigate these is key to success. I will help you better understand a variety of factors that affect your child's health both physically and mentally. 

I designed this program with the busy parent in mind. Anytime you want to see some change happen, you have to commit to a process, but that doesn't mean spending hours in front of your computer. This program is entirely at your own pace. Most of the videos are between 5 and 15 min long and there is a downloadable workbook, so you don't even have to take notes (unless you like that sort of thing!) 

You can find the information you need on just about any topic in the world online. But that doesn't mean the process is easy. I've created this program to get you the information you need all in one place. When you are a busy parent, that is gold! I also provide supporting guides, workbooks and access to me (a pediatric dietitian) to help you take action! You won't find that online for free. 

While this is different for everyone, I am confident that if you take action you will start to see some changes almost immediately. I have never worked with a client that didn't feel less stress and happier mealtimes after just a couple of weeks of implementing what they learned in this program. 

I have had parents take this program from all over the world and would love to have you too!

I am a firm believer that the more involved the father, partner, or caregiver is in the feeding process the more successful it will be. I welcome moms, dads, grandparents, and anyone else that is responsible for helping to raise a healthy child. 

I provide some recipe ideas and sample plans as part of the program, however, my goal is to teach you how to create your own easy meal plans using the framework I provide.  

While all kids could benefit from the information in this community, it is designed for parents with kids between 1-10 years.